VISALYS is a joint initiative of the Research Federations in Life Sciences & Health from Lyon - St Etienne to animate and federate the local research community from Lyon - St Etienne. The VISALYS project is funded by the "Programme Avenir Lyon Saint-Etienne" (PALSE) and is coordinated by Dr. Guy Mouchiroud.

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This one-day workshop shall promote the idea that the recognised skill in public health of the University of Lyon will gain an original and fruitful dimension by integrating the excellent ecology, development and evolution approaches of the Lyon - Saint-Etienne site in its research and formation offers.

This idea lies in the frame of the One Health initiative that has been defined as "the collaborative effort of multiple disciplines to attain optimal health for people, animals and the environment". This implies that researchers from all fields of Life Sciences even those that may look to be far remote from current medical practices should be mobilized to promote the Hippocratic and still modern concept that public health depend on a clean environment.

Indeed, among others and just for memory, the laws of genetics were discovered by Gregor Mendel using peas, transposable genetic elements were discoverd by Barbara McClintock by studying maize, and the thermostable polymerase daily used in PCR is a by-product of ecologist investigations of extreme environments... and all those discoveries are now indisputably lasting parts of current medical practices.

The objective of this one-day workshop "From Ecosystems to human" is to promote closest relationships between actors of the "Life Sciences and Health" academic collegium in order to construct future research and education programs.

The organizing committee has selected three themes of debate introduced by keynote lectures in the morning followed by open collaborative workshops in the afternoon.

The workshop day is open to all. Lunch and coffee breaks will be offered to all participants.
NB: it is possible to attend the morning sessions without participating to the round tables.

Registration is free but obligatory!

Registration deadline: May 10th, 2016



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